Onions & Promotion Programs

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About Idaho-Eastern Oregon Onions

  • Over one billion pounds of beautiful yellow, red, and white Idaho-Eastern Onions are shipped each season (August through May).
  • The Idaho-Eastern Onion growing region is located along the Snake River on the southwest portion of Idaho and Malhuer County, Oregon.
  • The Idaho-Eastern Oregon Onion Committee represents 30 shippers and about 200 growers; many of them are third and fourth generation farmers.
  • Harvest begins in mid-August and is normally completed by the end of October. Onions can be stored and shipped fresh until May thanks to our shippers’ state-of-the-art storage technology.

About Onions

  • Onions release sulfur compounds into the air when cut and dissolve in the small amount of water in your eyes which causes tear ducts to react.
  • To help prevent tearing, refrigerate an onion 30 minutes to one hour before cutting. Peel the onion under cold running water. Always cut an onion from the neck end first, the sulfur compounds tend to be stronger at the root.
  • To help mellow a strong onion, cut the onion into rings or dice and let soak in lemon juice and water (one part lemon juice to three parts water) for 10 to 15 minutes or longer.

Promotion Programs Offered Each Year

  • Foodservice and Retail Materials—Printed information is available that covers, prep tips, yields, sizing, storage, recipes, and more.
  • Point of Sale Merchandise—Beautiful full color POS material
  • Recipe Cards for Consumer and Food Service— Additionally, we have an online cookbook on our website and a printed cookbook  free of charge upon request with no shipping added.
  • Educational Material—Coloring sheets for kids and printed information for the classroom is available by request.

To request any of the materials listed above, contact the Parma Office at 208-722-5111.