Learn About What Makes USA Onions Special

USA Onions have been friends of foodservice for many years.

Things You Should Know About USA Onions

Idaho-Eastern Oregon onions (sometimes called “Spanish Sweets”) have long been known for their wonderfully mild onion flavor and superior cooking characteristics. As an ingredient or topping, they perform beautifully, complementing and enhancing other flavors without overwhelming them. And with their high sugar and solids content, they’re ideal for popular techniques like caramelizing, sautéing, and grilling.

Many people ask how our onions compare to sweet onions, which are typically available in the summer months (ours are available from August to April). Some of the differences are outlined below:

  • Idaho-Eastern Oregon onions actually contain more sugar than sweet onions. While our raw onions are somewhat more pungent, cooking brings out the wonderful sweetness and mellow onion flavor that chefs love.
  • Idaho-Eastern Oregon onions contain more solids and less water than sweet onions. When cooked, they retain much of their firm texture.
  • Idaho-Eastern Oregon onions store longer—up to nine months under the proper conditions, reducing loss from shrink.

Yellow, Red, or White?
Many people also wonder which color of onion they should use in their dishes. Generally speaking, yellow onions are best for cooking and red onions for salads. White onions are the traditional choice in Latin cooking and usually served diced and uncooked. But we all know rules were made to be broken, so don’t be afraid to experiment!

Idaho-Eastern Oregon Onions: The bigger, the better.

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