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    Find New Ways to Cook Our Delicious Onions

    cookbook image_smallWe know what flavors make our onions shine! Try our featured onion recipe—Caramelized Red Onions and Apple Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. This tasty treat will hit the spot. For more delicious recipes, download our digital cookbook by clicking the image to the left.

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    American Farmers, America's Heart

    American farmers cultivating American-grown onions—this the heart of Onion Country, USA. The long-standing American tradition of agriculture is kept alive by our growers, many of whom are third and fourth generation farmers. We're proud to be a part of this legacy and the heart of the USA.

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USA Onions Is Your Source for All Things Onions!


Created by Federal Marketing Order 958, the Idaho-Eastern Oregon Onion Committee is an instrumentality of the federal government representing more than 300 growers and 30 shippers in Southwestern Idaho and Malheur County, Oregon. With this responsibility, we:

  • Have made it our goal is to work with all segments of the produce industry to provide consistently sized onions and the best possible quality available.
  • Work to increase consumption of Idaho-Eastern Oregon onions through the use of promotional programs, education, advertising, and communications.
  • Partner with our growers and shippers to create programs to entice buyers, creating a demand for mandatory-inspected Idaho-Eastern Oregon onions.

We are the only storage onion region in the United States governed by a Federal Marketing Order (#958). Our onions are inspected daily by the Federal-State Inspection Service to certify that they are in accordance with grade, size, pack, and maturity requirements—another reason why our onions are some of the most popular onions grown anywhere in the world!

Looking for onion recipes, storage and prep tips, and other useful onion information? As your source for all things onions, you’ll find what you need throughout our site—this helpful info is brought to you by the Idaho-Eastern Oregon Onion Committee – USA Onions.

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